Lady Rainicorn

I have been waiting to post about this festive make, but knew that the person for whom it was destined would surely see, then all the fun would be ruined (you know who you are…).

So here she is, in all of her glory, the hand embroidered Lady Rainicorn…



For the uninitiated, Lady is a character from cartoon Adventure Time. This isn’t the best clip, but I found the comments underneath pretty choice.

I used split stitch of various lengths for the bold outline, experimenting with satin stitch for the strips of colour. It all took much longer than anticipated to fill in, which is one of the reasons for the delay in handing her over. The Jake the Dog mount was a last-minute inspiration (something else I woke up thinking about – that’s happening frequently just now) but adds interest to an otherwise plain acid free mount.

Although my skill at regular, even satin stitch only reached a reasonable standard about two-thirds of the way through this project, I am fairly pleased with the result.  It was a hand embroidery kind of Christmas! Now back to the never ending latch hook rug I suppose…

Do you watch Adventure Time? Who is your favourite character?


What are your thoughts?

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