Taffin Pizzeria – Maybe You Shouldn’t be Eating Heeeeeeeere!

Well isn’t that an obscure title? Yes dear friends. Yes.

It all began with an hilarious string of tweets about my partner Finn opening a pizzeria named Taffin (for background, listen to this clip from Adam and Joe’s Radio 6 show). All up to speed? Jolly good. Having researched types of pizza his establishment should vend, Finn became fairly enthusiastic about one in particular – The Chicago Stuffed Pizza


It was indeed a work of art, about three inches deep and stuffed to the gills with spicy sausage, black olives, peppers and onions. We ate it in front of Raging Bull. It was magnificent.


A thing of beauty


Looks like I might have some competition for the title of ‘chief domestic creative’ (which I just invented).

Have you made any culinary masterpieces lately?



What are your thoughts?

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