When in Doubt – Hand Piece

Surely I am not the only one feeling a little bit blue during January. Christmas is over, there is real frost (what kind of winter is this?) and another year looms ahead almost in its entirety.

Likewise, my oft rampant creative spirit falters in these conditions – mostly because it is even harder than usual to get out of bed. But surprise surprise, there are little things I feel o.k. about doing while I get some bigger projects in order, assembling resources and testing ideas. My old friend, hand piecing.

Just small enough to prevent being outfaced by it, but requiring enough precision that I don’t feel I am undermining myself. It can also be done with no real direction (if you wish) and using any scraps or bits you have lying around. And who knows? It may become a cushion cover, a wall hanging, or a background for a cracking bit of hand embroidery.

Much as I love piecing patchwork blocks using my machine (it is quicker), the meditative, soothing quality of hand sewing is perfect for these chilly, dark afternoons. I chose triangles, because I think they are nice. The fabric is left overs of a Jelly Roll, which made the triangles EVEN EASIER to chop up with a rotary cutter. Huzzah! And look, I have a grand total of…about six. Ah.

Hand piecing tools

There are several ways of doing hand-pieced blocks, but this time I am using a paperless method, loosely based on this informative video by Linda Franz. The major difference is marking on the seam allowance, which I chose to do with a ruler and pencil (although Inklingo could be pretty cool if you have a printer).

So there you go! Hopefully that should tide me over until I get my keister in gear! Shout out to the lovely H. Notman for the lovely background fabric. Stay tuned for some FABRIC PORN and the tale of its acquisition later in the week. Bet you can’t wait.



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