Bag Project – Fabrics and Pattern Pieces

Like a few things this week, the relatively simple bag project I have planned has become an evil, complex, never-ending swamp beast of a marathon thanks to by brain. In my brain, every task seems to become amplified beyond all productivity and I lie awake at nights worrying about the things I haven’t done. Of course, the longer you leave these things, the more swamp beast-y they get.

I do not wish to dwell on the negative for too long, suffice to say I have been hanging out at the job centre a fair bit, mostly obsessing over my future. JOBS: COMPLICATING YOUR EXISTENCE SINCE PUBERTY. On a lighter on note, I drank rum with excellent people and had a visit from my Mum, both of which more than made up for all the other stuff. Right then, on to the task in hand…

I have picked out some fabrics to use for this, pictured below. From right to left, a beautiful deep purple 100% wool felt (phwoar), an offcut of printed, grey-ish lilac velvet which i may use for some decoration, and a light, warmer lilac fabric to line the bag. Not pictured, the fusible interfacing needed to give the bag structure. Really screwed the pooch on that one.

fabrics laid out

fabrics laid out

lovely wool felt. Not sure the picture does it justice

lovely wool felt. Not sure the picture does it justice

After gathering the majority of my resources I decided to cut the pattern pieces. This is an evening bag, so a handy size for a responsible woman’s purse (right ladies?), keys and a diary.

Just the right size

Just the right size

I have cut a piece for the body of the bag which doubles as the pattern for the lining, a strap and a flap – lid? top? who knows. Then I had to stop, because, other than drawing endless doodles of what the  thing might look like, I can go no further without interfacing. And it’s pretty horrible outside, so back to the ooool’ hand piecing until a pilgrimage to Dunelm happens tomorrow.

Stay tuned for next time, when I accidentally stitch my sleeve to a tea towel or some such boobery. ^~^


What are your thoughts?

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