Inspiring Sheffield – Meersbrook Park

I thought I’d write something  bit different today. When I’m not staring at  screen or stitching away, I find it most therapeutic to explore Sheffield. We have only been living here for a year and there is lots still to discover!

Wandering around Sheffield often makes me feel better about stuff. Walking in itself is very soothing and there is so much here to appreciate. Not a day goes by when I don’t see something hilarious or endearing – be it a penis drawn on a bollard or some sort of ridiculous dog.

Today I went to the steep and wooded Meersbrook Park for the first time, which is shameful as it is just behind my house. It was so bright and sunny, in a ‘maybe it will be spring soon’ kind of way.

lonesome shoe

lonesome shoe

My first encounter was with this shoe, which reminded me of my travels in New Zealand. There seemed to be lost shoes everywhere I went and I snapped every one I saw. There was something comic and tragic about their faces and the places they ended up. Why photograph this one? It looks perplexed. Poor thing.

Carrying on up the steep tarmac path overlooking the tennis courts, it was lovely to see snippets of the Sheffield skyline through the trees.

Meersbook Park2

There are bits and pieces of woodland dotted around, which makes it all a bit more special. Then, in true Sheffield style, I spied this little gem.

Meersbook Park3

Thankyou tree! I surely did. I also got quite muddy trying to photograph you, but it was very much worth it.

Coming out at the top of the hill, I was confronted by the panorama of the whole city skyline. It was bloody lovely.

Meersbook Park4

When i got home I felt more relaxed and ready to continue with my various projects. Hurray exercise! Hurray Sheffield!

What do you do when you need a break?


What are your thoughts?

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