Self Cover Buttons: The Creative Quick Fix

I have been getting RIDICULOUSLY excited in the last couple of days. I have found something simple and quick to produce – unusual for me as I tend to begin projects which become drawn out and crazy complicated. These self cover buttons take me under an hour to hand embroider and fix in place, plus they are super cute (even if I do say so myself!).

I also experimented with using daylight to photograph – check this out!

buttons on log

Aww, teeny little coffee cup and cake! These are metal buttons covered with calico, hand embroidered with split stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch and french knots. Because these are so quick, I am already designing a few more sets but I couldn’t wait to share them!

For anyone new to hand embroidery, there are a host of really clear instructions for myriad stitches here. I picked up my buttons from Dunelm, but you can get them cheaper on Ebay and in larger quantities.

Hope you like! Happy Tuesday everyone *-*

Button Update: These little cuties are now available to purchase on my Folksy Shop. Get ’em while their sweet!


What are your thoughts?

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