No Brain Day – Sorting Thread

Hello! Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has liked and followed me so far. It makes the whole thing worthwhile and I really appreciate your support. There are some tremendously knowledgeable, inspiring people out there and it makes me very happy to be taking part in similar discourse.

I am having a day where nothing works – tangled threads, rubbish knots, poor concentration, headache – you name it. So, racking my brains for something to do that was vaguely useful while being SUPER EASY, I decided to sort my embroidery cotton. It was in a freezer bag from when I took it back to Carlisle at Christmas and to my endless shame I had just been digging things out of it and ignoring the multi-coloured, squishy conglomerate that had materialised. Urps.

Tedious though this job is, it will make it easier to control my ‘stock’ and plan projects. It is going to be lovely to riffle through the little cards and find particular shades that I am after. The idea came from a fascinating book I’m reading, The Embroiderer’s Story by Thomasina Beck. There are a host of beautiful pictures of historical embroideries, as well as a look at embroidery trends during various periods (review, you say? Well maybe!). It is pretty special. Anyway, I noticed this method and decided to copy. It may well be the case that I am the last person in the world to take up this method, but I really never thought of it before!

So think of me, while you are completing a quilt or reveling in the glory of a completed project. I’ll be winding thread onto little bits of card and being quiet.



What are your thoughts?

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