Life Lately


It feels like an age since I last sat down to write. In part this is due to a complete lack of inspiration (erps), but I am glad to report that there have been some active periods between glum serial watches of RuPaul’s Drag Race (double erps).

I suppose I was feeling a little bit stuck. I knew there was lots to do, but I didn’t feel like doing any of it. Do you ever feel like that? After a few days of stewing in this state, a few social events occurred which gave me a nice sense of perspective and somewhat renewed vigor.

Firstly, I attended a gig at the Chocolate Factory in Derby, caught up with some colleagues and friends and nodded sagely to some pretty interesting music in the approved ‘cool’ manner. Islet in particular were hilarious and fun. (Finn and I also accidentally networked – a new and strange experience.) Thanks to Holy Smokes for putting on a stonker. If you are in spitting distance of Derby, keep an eye out for the next one – follow on facebook or twitter. You are guaranteed a whole bunch of atmosphere and at least half a dozen quality beards.

The following day we attended the wedding reception of friends of mine from University at a beautifully festooned East Riddlesden Hall. Bride and groom looked stunning and it was an extremely merry celebration. Thank you and congratulations to both! I am still lamenting having forgotten my camera. Also there was pie.

After going out and about, having a drink and a chat to a few super-cool people, I feel a great deal more positive about what I am doing. If you made happy noises or got excited along with me, recommended a band or gave me an idea, THANK YOU.




What are your thoughts?

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