Pin Cushions!

Remember that hand piecing I had going in the bleakest of bleak midwinter? Well it’s back baby.

In a recent frenzy of ‘I must have craft supplies’ delirium, I purchased some adorable cotton trim which I pretty much had to use as soon as I staggered back through the front door. Of the many half-finished projects floating around on my desk, the things I reached for were the little hand pieced hexagons I had laboured over in my mittens, then forgotten.

Armed with needle, thread and a few shell buttons, I decided to turn them into these squishy, fussy little pin cushions, which I am very pleased with. Not  sewing machine in sight! They were a (very minor) labour of love. I finished each one with  piece of the cambric initial tape my mother used to sew into my P.E. kit. How’s that for heritage?

If I had been piecing a quilt in the 18th century, I might have had left over shapes and made them into something like this. Who could stand to waste a scrap of such sweet printed cotton? It’s the sort of thing that might have been traded between the March sisters in Little Women. The design has a hint of Beth about it, don’t you think?

Look out for these in a range of colours on my folksy shop in the near future. It’s currently in progress – I’ll link as soon as there is anything on it! Or, if you can’t wait, you can get in touch with me via email to order.

Coming up: Meg’s Stolen Glove.


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