Little My

A friend of mine from the old Lancaster Uni days (weren’t they…weird) recently announced her intention to acquire a stunning Moomin dress from Frockosaurus on Etsy. Sadly this isn’t available on the site just now, but there are lots of other lovely items and it’s well worth a look.

Image courtesy of Frockasaurus

Image courtesy of Frockasaurus


After getting over my jealousy – it is fabulous – I decided to send her an accessory to match. Working with a sketch of Little My’s sulky face, I hand embroidered using split stitch for the outline and a crude facsimile of stem stitch for her hair-do. I appliqued the whole damn thing onto red felt and added a stitch around the edge that I have forgotten the name of – It is like blanket stitch but with a little knot. It is my favourite thing to do at the moment so all of my projects end up featuring this! A little bronze pin on the back and she was ready to send. Apologies for the slightly dodgy photo – I was too excited to photograph properly before posting.

I was really pleased to have thought of this and actually done it! I do hope the recipient enjoys wearing it. Thanks for the inspiration x



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