Reflections on Crochet

I hate knitting.

I’m no good at it and can’t be bothered to practice. The needles are too long and cumbersome, getting the tension right is a bother and going back and forth along a row time after time makes me BORED. That is not to say of course, that I do not like knitted things. I love them – but will never be able to make them.

But crochet? How hard could that be? One needle – plus it’s really short. It’s basically like latch hooking but with a more immediate outcome. I am all about the immediate outcome when it comes to making things. Can you do it in front of the telly? YES. Can you do it when you can’t do anything else due to physical incapacitation/depression/being stuck under the back end of a mule? YES. Can you learn how to do it on YouTube? BIG FAT HAIRY YES.

After a few false starts and trying to learn from a book (I can scarcely believe I learned to make anything before instructional videos) I managed to turn out a reasonable flower or two, a ball (not pictured as too weird), a button and a slightly wonky egg looking thing. I’m no  expert yet, but with a bit more practice, might be able to produce an acceptable sock or hat.

Crochet Geek have a huge range of useful videos, from beginner level to more complex stuff. Never shall I be a crochet master, but at least it stops me from tugging at my hair when sitting on the sofa. Does anyone need a homemade dishcloth?

Do you crochet? What do you like to make?



What are your thoughts?

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