Life Lately: Family Edition

First things first: I didn’t finish the dress (see last post). It was all too much for me, so I think I’ll stick to making tube-shaped skirts without a pattern from now on. At least I can make them fit!

Aside from that making fail, there is lots to catch up on. I’ll start with the museum news – applied for job, had job interview, did not get job. Consequent brief period of disappointment, followed by acceptance. How would I continue to blog and make if I was working full-time? I tell you, I probably wouldn’t. Which would be a crying shame. ONWARDS!

Next up, another visit to Cumbria for my Mum’s wedding, which was very simple and touching. It took place in a rural Quaker Meeting House – perfect for the ceremony, which was silent, broken only by the vows and occasional testimony from friends and family. On to Hesket New Market to give gifts and eat lunch. I had made some rather snazzy tea towels with luxury, sorbet coloured linens, which I believe were well received. I very much enjoyed making them, contemplating as I did so the work that would have gone into a bride’s trousseau. After lunch and the departure of Mum and Val, close family gathered at my Grandmother’s house for lazing about in the sun, which was jolly nice, a really good opportunity to spend more time with people I don’t get to see as often as I would like.

The guests witnessed the marriage by signing this certificate

The guests witnessed the marriage by signing this certificate

The rest of the week was spent at Chez Finn, hanging out with his parents and many-a-brother. Lots of wine, even more football (quiet exasperation), fires and bats in the warm evenings and generally being spoilt. Bliss. One afternoon we went out for a walk around Talkin Tarn, the Carlisle dweller’s staple body of water around which to perambulate. Traditional practice is to complain about the lack of ice cream on the first half of the walk, acquire ice cream in the middle, then reminisce about said ice cream all the way back to the car. Except this time, there were bonus cygnets. Win!

cygnets at Talkin


My Dad and I went for lunch and a walk in the wood at Armathwaite, another classic afternoon destination. There was much inhaling of Honeysuckle, some surprise fungus and an impromptu visit to my cousins’ new farm, where dozens of swallows delighted us with a daring flight display in and out of the barn windows.

So, back to Sheffield now, on with the work, feeling well-loved and looked after. It’s been a fortifying week.



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