Snorlax Amigurumi

While we were back in Cumbria enjoying the sunshine and general ease, I was practicing my crochet with this fun project. I worked through the pattern pretty slowly and there were times of unravelling due to incompetence, but I am fairly pleased with the result – although I will tweak the dimensions of the body slightly if I make another. I found the rhythmic nature of the single crochet very soothing and I have to say I got rather addicted – working on it so much during one day that my hand resembled a wizened claw by tea time. Clearly however, he was worth the effort, so very squishy and adorable, little Snorlax is about the height of a mug and always looks like he wants a cuddle. He is definitely one of my favourite Pokemon, we share a love of sleeping and eating – and just look at that face! wpid-img_20140619_175832.jpg Amigurumi is a nice way of practicing basic crochet and has the added bonus of producing adorable soft toys and figures. These designs are mostly made up of single crochet stitches, and generally worked in the round, which is easy with a bit of practice. The first round is generally worked in a magic loop (tutorial here), a technique which is super flexible and gives a great finish with no gaps in the work. Due to my love of cute, huggable things, I am trawling the internets for further Amigurumi patterns to experiment with before perhaps designing a few of my own. And much as I love Pokemon, there are limits to how many I want in my house – especially the really lame ones (Butterfree, I’m looking at you).  This Snorlax pattern I found on a Blog called Ah Creations (here), which has a fairly astonishing range of figures to try. What could be next? A Peppermint Butler? A few different shapes of kodama? The geeky possibilities are endless. You could always have a look at my Pinterest board for a little inspiration. Which Amigurumi character would you make?


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