First Commission and a Happy Birthday!

I have been sitting on this for a while as I wasn’t allowed to ruin the surprise, but it should be ok to spill the beans now. Phew! It was a difficult silence to maintain, let me tell you…

So, Carlisle people and all round good eggs Jack and Sarah have always been very supportive of my makering, so when Jack contacted me to make him something for Sarah’s birthday I was all for it. We seem to have lots in common in terms of culture and humour, so the design ideas he gave me really appealed.

Every year, Jack makes Sarah a ViewMaster reel with pictures of them doing good stuff and generally being awesome (so sweet!). He wanted me to make some cases which reflected the events while looking similar to the original ViewMaster paper sleeves. After a bit of internet research, I discovered a page containing a few different sleeve designs

After drafting some sketches and making sure they were along the right lines, I was ready to sew. I used a combination of machine and hand stitching to create the little View Master Logos. Each one is around 9cm square, so some of the the stitches were pretty fiddly!  As a finishing touch, I embroidered self cover buttons showing details of the reel contents.

 This was such a fun project to do. I love making things for people I know, it gives me a really good opportunity to focus on that person. So thanks to Jack for the commission and a huge (now belated) happy birthday to Sarah! 

View Master - red View Master - blue View Master - green


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