Amigurumi Mayhem!

It seems like I have been starting all of the projects and finishing none this week. Not strictly true, as I have done my tax return, ordered reduced lipstick (yesterday was national lipstick day – who knew?), signed up for an embroidery class and organised a trip to an exciting museum (post on that to follow, I hope).

But there are still the little corpses of my unfinished amigurumi figures lying about everywhere, along with the patchwork project that is still pinned to my ironing board. So this is a post to renew my resolve, and that of anyone else out there who needs a kick in the seat to FINISH STUFF OFF.

This is always the hardest part of a project for me, as it’s the point at which all the issues I hadn’t quite thought through arise. Which mouth to use? What’s the most professional finish for this awkward corner? Why didn’t I measure this binding properly? You know…the usual.

But it’s all trial and error, the more you work through this kind of thing, the better you get at planning a project from beginning to end, dealing with fiddly problems as they come up. No experience is wasted, all of it will be of some use in the future.

With that in mind, I steel myself for the big push – I will finish these items!

Are there any projects you are trying desperately to finish off?   


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