Meat Boy and Bandage Girl

Ever play Super Meat Boy? It’s only an amazingly fun, fast platformer with lots of danger and repeated, hilarious deaths. Released around 2010, it isn’t new but it is excellent. We got a good couple of months worth of game play out of it – and as more of a watcher than a player I can confirm it’s pretty good for that purpose too (I get bored of playing too easily and just give up – those around me tend to be more tenacious when it comes to video games).

In classic, Mario-esque style, Meat Boy is destined to save his female counterpart Bandage Girl in order to complete each level, via cutty blades, broken glass, and other materials which are good at destroying fast moving bits of meat. The soundtrack and aesthetics really appeal to me, as does any meat based humour, really. Even though it isn’t the purpose of this post and I have already blithered on for two paragraphs about it – I urge you to play it.

Given my evident enthusiasm, I decided to make some Amigurumi figures of Meat Boy and Bandage Girl. A fairly rigorous online search yielded no pattern and so I endeavoured to create my own. There aren’t so many ami designs that are made up of squarish shapes. Many of them seem to be more rounded, probably because it’s cuter – but I wanted my figures to look blocky and pixellated.

So here are the finished figures, hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them! And now I need your help. What should I put on my Folksy shop? The patterns for the figures or the items themselves? Vote below and the most popular option will be listed soon!

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl 4 Meat Boy and Bandage Girl 3

I think he won

I think he won



What are your thoughts?

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