Life Lately – plus 5 things

Been a while, no? Since last I wrote, there has been a birthday, an embroidery class, the start of a new job, a crochet bag, a reading of Mansfield Park, rehearsals for a gig, ENDLESS dishes and laundry and a fair amount of coffee. So many things have occurred that there was barely any time to document them all.

But here I am, equilibrium restored, hoping to bring you the next few instalments, makes and plans in a timely manner. Lets get back up to speed quick smart with a selection of things that have been bringing me joy in the last couple of weeks. Some are craft related, some are just generally great. Hope you enjoy this little window into my favourite things.

stitch boom bang: If you like 80s pop culture and embroidery, you will love this blog – It never fails to delight. The writer/ maker has just done a show and it looked excellent. My particular favourites are the representations of Nicholas Cage, which capture his doe-eyed vacuousness so accurately. I also love the writer’s quest to make a crochet hat for every Cosby sweater in order of appearance. Genius.

attic 24: Loads of crochet inspiration here, along with great photography and really helpful tips and tutorials. You can also buy yarns selected by the writer of this blog here. (yes I did purchase some. they make me happy). The writer Lucy also shares my love of coffee which is pleasant to note.

MAC lipstick in Lady Danger: Because it makes me feel like a really brilliant woman.  I shan’t worry about what kind of feminist this might make me, because it doesn’t really matter. Red lipstick is awesome! But there is something special about this one – it’s cult status is well deserved. It is so vivid and matte, staying put for hours with minimal ‘all over the face’ smudging. I’ll be wearing this shade well into my 70s. Here’s this dodgy thumbnail to illustrate its power.

lipstick selfie

Avatar: Lagend of Korra: Tears were shed during the season finale of this show. We all thought that The Last Airbender couldn’t be bettered, but it was at least equalled by this story arch. I have aspirations to make a few of the characters from this show as amigurumi figures, especially the animals (sky bison, I’m looking at you). It’s no secret how much I love cartoons and this is no exception. Watch it here.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time: Classic game, hours of fun. And a few hours of staring up the butt of the same dungeon until you figure it out. On the 3DS I only turn on the 3D for the cut scenes, otherwise it hurts.

Next week we are off to Berlin, so stay tuned for pictures of beer and architecture.



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