Cheery Crochet Mitts

Welp, it seems to be winter. Whole days are suffused with grey, it’s easier to stay in bed than it is to do ANYTHING ELSE and everyone is ill. Great.

Fortunately there are upsides this seasonal state. You get to wear lots of layers, it becomes ok to stay inside for whole days at a time and you can adorn yourself with lots of snuggly winter accessories. Huzzah! Another classic symptom of winter is that I become slightly better at finishing projects, such as these crochet mitts, of which I am extremely proud. That’s what happens when you’re too feeble to leave the house I suppose!

This was my first experiment with fingering yarn which I thought might be fiddly but is in fact really nice to work with, and gives a refined result. And look at those colours! I will certainly get lots of wear out of those mitts (and make more as Christmas presents for everyone). I found the pattern through Ravelry, but it is downloadable for free here. I would suggest that one could finish a pair of these over one afternoon, or more likely two evenings. They are very satisfying to make and certainly more portable that my other ongoing blanket project. 

Think I might attempt crochet socks next. Are you making anything cheerful to keep you smiling until the solstice?

right hand done

right hand done

just the cuff

Disclaimer: All dodgy photos taken in poor light with iPhone. Yes, I’m blaming apple.



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