1 Year On

It occurred to me on the way home last night that I have now been writing this blog for a year. Just when I had begun to feel like there was nothing motivating me to keep it going, this handy landmark reared its head and made me feel all acheivey. A whole year of blogging! Naturally my perspective on things has changed throughout, the business side of things taking somewhat of a backseat in the last few months and my main focus being on making pounds go in the bank in slightly more conventional ways. But this has really taken the pressure off my making and allowed me to relax and enjoy processes without fear of making everything I touch a finished, marketable product. On balance, I still have so much to learn (and fortunately, a fair bit of life to do that in). At present I am seeing the value in taking things slowly and trying to enjoy this small enterprise I have created, rather than turning it into a chore which has to be completed. There are goals, but the journey toward them is just as important.

My focus has moved from fabrics and embroidery to crochet of late, which I find a more portable craft which fits in so much more easily with my lifestyle and aspirations as a maker. But nothing is wasted and I value all of the skills and techniques I have acquired through projects this year. There is still a nice little stash of fat quarters, batting and threads waiting to be explored and the prospect still fills me with joy.

Thinking about the coming year, I’d really like to use this blog to write on subjects not exclusively craft based. I’d love to expand into writing on fiction, mental health, skin care, museums… and many, many more. So, as always, I’d be delighted to hear any feedback on any of these experiments as and when they arise. There will always be craft projects strewn into the mix!

New year always fills me with visions of being super organised, getting out 10 notebooks and making charts of how I shall organise the crap out of everything. Probably not the most realistic approach, but I’m still optimistic that some of it will stick throughout the year. It would be great to plan content in advance and try to stick to an achievable schedule. Wish me luck…

Most importantly, a huge thank you to everyone who has read, commented and followed in the last year. I love being part of a blogging, crafting community and it really does inspire me and spur me on to greater achievements. Here’s to another interesting, creative, collaborative year!

Mean Gene Oakerlund, embroidered portrait

Mean Gene Oakerlund, embroidered portrait


Lady Rainicorn hand embroidery

buttons on log

Hand embroidered buttons

A trio of friendly pin cushions

A trio of friendly pin cushions

Last Import - 02

View master reel case

black/brown/red colour way complete

Foundation pieced cosmetics bag


One comment

  1. Hey lottie!

    Just read ur blog! Really good, like really good! Love the crafts stuff! If you could expand on the fiction that would be great. Some good book suggestions would be in order!


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