My Life in Hats

Since the age of approximately 14, I have had a passionate love affair with beanie hats. Its pretty cold in the north of england so I needed them in the winter – but I became so addicted that eventually I wore one during the summer too. Usually the same one. For months. Shudder.

Years later, I still love wearing them. they are so comfortable, they flatten/disguise my unruly hair, wearing a hat just makes me feel…safe. Stripes are good, acrylic washes well. My mum once ironed a nice pink one I had which stretched out to the size of a washing up dish. I’ve had a couple of fluffy wooly ones (one notably stolen from a friend with impeccable taste) an alpaca one (‘borrowed’ from Finn, now lost) and a bright red, goofy, cable knit one which was my most recent attachment. All fine, all readily available to purchase on the high street. Until now.

flat hat

Armed with a chunky yarn, the hue of which resembles the inside of an old sleeping bag and a confidence bolstered by the completion of many-a mitt, I used the same basic method to make a hat for myself. A silly, chunky, slouchy hat which would make me feel happy whenever I put it on. And it does!

I did a simple ribbed headband composed of front and back post double crochet stitches. A double crochet foundation row gives the band extra stretch (I love this technique – it’s the shit). Then I just used single crochet stitches followed by a chain 2. Easy peasy!

The decision then facing me was how to close the thing up. Previously I had seen the method where you fold the hat and stitch through the central point, giving a gathered, pointy finish. I sort of wanted mine to look less like an elf hat, and more like ears (+10 cute). So, I ended up cobbling it together like an envelope by reverse folding the edges on the inside and stitching through all the layers in a straight line. It REALLY isn’t perfect, but I find it charmingly flawed, like a puppy with one ear or a penguin.

Ok, so there is no way I could sell something like this, but this kind of one-off self adornment is why I started making stuff in the first place. You may not be surprised to learn that it has barely left my head since I wove in the last yarn end. It brings great joy!

Do you have an accessory you love more than most other things? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.



  1. Cute hat! I wish I was crafty and talented, but I’m also quite lazy and it’s easier to buy cheap hats from H&M. I’m quite partial to weird socks myself – I’ve got about 30 pairs of assorted Halloween ones and some others that I love just because the design doesn’t make any sense…like a pair featuring smiling underwear hanging from a clothesline with hearts all around them.


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