Making Things for Babies

I am nowhere near understanding babies. I find them fascinating and terrifying in equal measure. How can I manage my torrent of mixed emotions while showing appreciation for a new little life? Oh wait…it’s crochet isn’t it. Lovely, soft, friendly crochet. That will compensate for any potential fear or alienation.

So, as a friendly first birthday present for a baby I hadn’t met before, I made an amigurumi Diplodocus, which turned out exceedingly cute, even though his legs were too short for his huge belly.


Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Lipstick (body) and Meadow (humps)

Hook: Clover Soft Touch Crochet Hook, 3mm (DK yarn + 3mm hook = ideal for amigurumi)

Pattern: From Dinosaur Trio by Linda Potts (Ravelry)


I knew the yarn would be a pleasure to work with, having made a number of other projects with it before now. The hook was a new acquisition as I had wanted to try something with a handle to see if it could save my wrists on crochet heavy days. I’m not entirely sure it made a huge difference, but the matte finish of the hook is nice to use and the handle is certainly comfortable in my hand.

Usually I look for free patterns online (or wing the design based on some images) but this time I thought I’d do things right and shell out for something really cute. In this PDF, Linda Potts shares three different designs, all of which are lovely. They are clear and easy to follow. My only minor criticism is the relative lack of assembly instructions. I see why they are minimal – presumably so you can give your creation a bit of character – but I generally struggle with getting limbs in the right places and could have done with some guidance in this area. Overall I recommend this pattern if you fancy making your own adorable Dino-babies. One year old or no, I will definitely be making the full set! The Triceratops is already on its way to completion. I’m just waiting for a new colour to make his little horns.

I have another baby project on the way too – it’s super stripy!