Rainbow Stripes

Greetings! Today I have the joy of sharing a completed project with you. It always feels like a victorious moment when I cut off that last, lingering yarn end and lay down the scissors. As a person terminally rubbish at finishing things it feels like I have fought a battle with my own inefficiency and won (usually resulting in me parading around the house with whatever i have finished being worn on my head).

However, on this occasion I merely laid the thing out on the floor and took some photos with something other than my phone (another tiny victory) and here one is for your delectation. SO STRIPY!


Yarn: Cascade ultra Pima in Paprika, Tangerine, Marigold, Blueberry, Chartreuse, Indigo Blue and Pansy

Stich: V-stitch, inspired by tutorial here

Hook: Aluminium, 4mm

Size:  35″ square, approx

Could this be any cheerier? I can’t wait to send it off to its new home.

In other news, I have turned 30, spent an unseemly amount of money on eye cream (no judging) and bought a new, indestructible pair of Doc Martens. It’s been an eventful few weeks.


Crochet blanket update

Friends, I have not been prolific of late. It’s been one of those ‘have loads of ideas, achieve none of them’ kind of periods. There have been few evenings or free days and I have been spending even fewer with a craft project in my hands. Curse you Tomb Raider, you were too much fun…

Being busier than is perhaps pleasant meant that an easy, repetitive task was called for on the odd occasion when I did have a quiet moment. Enter this stripy blanket I started sometime before Christmas ( a mere 21 weeks ago – thanks Instagram). I found this tutorial on YouTube with a lovely Gillian Anderson impersonator talking about knitting vs. crochet:

The only change I have made to the pattern in along the edges of the rows, where instead of a ch3 I have worked a sc ch1, which i find gives a neater edge. Other than that, it is incredibly easy, quick and satisfying to make once you get into the swing. I have also found that it’s easy to compensate for a stitch lost here and there -you can add or subtract stitches in the next row without really compromising the look of the thing.


The colours I’m using come from this yarn pack, selected by Lucy from the blog Attic 24. She is an aficionado of crochet blankets and seems to have churned out loads of really beautiful ones – well worth a look. She has a written tutorial for this blanket which I also referred to. I chose all the cool tones from the pack of 17 balls of DK acrylic, I know it’s a bit of an assault on the senses, but it brings me comfort.


I think I’m only about half finished, so it will probably be next Christmas before I finally get to hunker down under this bad boy.

What are your long term works in progress?